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VOIP Services

Tired of having different phone numbers in your company? We can transform that complicated and expensive telephone system into a simple and cost effective VOIP telephony by narrowing down your lists of telephone numbers into just ONE. Forget and cancel your other phone numbers and simply use our VOIP service with easy to add extensions instead of having multiple phone number. We offer our VOIP Services primarily as Cloud Service. 


Our servers are fined-tuned on top of Amazon Web Services.


If you want to keep your infrastructure with you. We can do that but of course. Get in touch to talk about the possibilities.

Web development services

In the span of our 20+ years of experiences, we have delivered countless solutions to different industries, to the health sector and even to the education sector

WordPress as Content Management System

We choose WordPress because it's powerful yet easy to use and maintain. We have delivered hundreds of WordPress solutions since 2012 and we never turned our back. 

Laravel as Web application Development Framework

We deliver custom made web application with Laravel Framework. It is the most popular and most innovative PHP Framework out there. Laravel is easy to maintain especially now with their Serverless service Vapor


Cloud Infrastructure Management

Amazon web Services

Mission critical services we have are fined-tuned on top of Amazon Web Services and are residing in the same infrastructure together with the biggest in the industries like Netflix, GE, National Geographic, McDonalds and even banks like National Bank of Canada and Capital One.


Amazon Web Services is our default infrastructure due to its services that no other cloud service can compete with. But we are not a company who sets boundaries to our customers. We can adjust to whatever setup a customer have and along the way, we can provide suggestions and best-practices in running a secure and maintainable Cloud Infrastructure. 

Digital Ocean

To cater small businesses with tight budgets, we are offering cloud solutions on top of  Digital Ocean. Usually, these are websites built on top of WordPress.

Bring your own choice of Cloud

As mentioned, we can adjust to the customer's setup. We are an open company who embrace all scenarios. 

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